Introduction week is a ”novischvecka” especially made for the international students and the Swedish students taking their master at Campus Helsingborg. Like the bigger event, the candidate “nollning”, introduction week lasts for two weeks, this year in August. Our goal with introduction week is to help and welcome out international students and introduce them to our university cultural, but also to welcome our Swedish master students to Campus and Lund’s University. During Introduction week we will give the master students an opportunity to attend multiple events and there will be informative lectures to help the students to start their life in Helsingborg and at Campus.

We are currently looking for a project leader for Introduction week 2019. Apply here!


If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Finance Manager
The finance manager should be someone analytical, trustworthy and communicative since he/she will oversee our budget. If feel like you are organized and good with numbers, then please apply to be our finance manager!

Event Manager
As event manager, you will have the task of organizing and creating our fantastic Introduction Week schedule! The event manager should be creative, detail-oriented, and organized. If you feel like this describes you, then please apply to be our event manager!

Marketing Manager
The marketing manager holds the important task of documenting as well as promoting the Introduction Week (prior, during and after) including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, video, poster design, and ticket design. A successful marketing manager should be creative,
interested in design and comfortable with the use of multiple social media outlets.


Sponsorship Manager
Do you enjoy networking and being a good mediator between groups of people? The
sponsorship manager has the task of driving the project forward through contact with companies that may be interested in sponsoring Introduction Week. With the resources and support from sponsors, we put on a great event!

Manager of Mentors
Are you a people person? Do you feel like you can organize and manage many people no matter their personality? Then the mentor manager is the position for you. The mentor manager will be given the task of organizing our mentors while keeping them informed. As project leader, I would really like to expand upon the mentor program this year therefore good organization and communication skills are vital to this position.


Furutorpsgatan 47
25227 Helsingborg



Agoras styrelse med projekt står även på U2 varje torsdag mellan kl 12-13.
Kom gärna förbi!

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